Amulet Protection for you.


Scientific name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L.
Common name: Night blooming jasmine.
Also known as: Uniuart, Kornniuart, night jasmine
Botanical characteristics: shrub or small tree branches and about 2 meters square with a single hair bristly leaves opposite sort oval 2-6 cm long, 3.5 to 10 cm wide sharp pointed projection or submit a dairy border. smooth or sharp shall Leaves near base leaves thick rough hands. Leaves with the bristles and vein. Leaf hairs along the edge may be hard Branch line leaves the line at 3-4 till the end of the line well before the edge of leaves, petiole 0.5-1 cm long, inflorescence leaves off the prong. 1.2 to 2 cm long, inflorescence stalk with leaves like a small ornamental form a double stem inflorescence with 3-7 flowers, each bouquet of fragrant bloom will fall in the evening and next morning, no stem, each flower with leaves. decorated with a flower petal, leaf, flower buds are stacked together and twist. Calyx pale green. Conical tube adjacent to the end of five shallow cut or wavy curly hairs on the outer smooth Corolla tube base adjacent to the color แsd 1.1 to 1.3 cm long, the outer smooth In the long hairs. White lamp base. Corolla tube end of a separate white petals, each petal 5-8 cm long, 0.9 to 1.1 stem end lobe narrow width and curved petals deeply 2 male pollen stuck inside a straight corolla tube mouth facing towards each other. Kan Chu, anther tube connected to a homogeneous interest Ovarian lobes above the band round the box with 2 channels per 1 million on Yu Kan pollen grain with a single female. Pollen is the top female papilla hairs. The relatively flat oval or round end with a short projection.
Part used: root, leaf, flower stalk early.
Lower – eating the head pain.
Leaves – water well maintenance.
Flowers – Fixed fever, nausea and solve the wind.
Root – fix maintenance Pornrndึu That motion is the wind pick-solving solution for gray hair care skin refreshed.
แsd stem red (orange) – bring water to make juice or candy color dyes well.
And quantitative methods used – leaves, fresh juice, add 1 pound A handful sesame seeds 1 cup water, divided, but eating four times as bitter medicine appetite.
Chemicals – Group Carotenoid.



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