Amulet Protection for you.

>Raphistemma pulchellum (Roxb.) Wall.

Khao san dok yai
Flowers large rice Khao san dok yai (Bangkok);
Also known as: rice, flowers large (Bangkok); The kick Ecื (Sakon); Rice, Khao san (General); Seng Mang Ou talk for hands read. Seng-khui-mang-u-mue, Monkey Do hands Oui Seng corny message network. Mang-ui-mue-seng-khrue (Karen-Lampang); Ma-O Network Ma o khruea, his film network Khruea khao nang (Northern).
It is not the vine trunk is smaller and smooth water leaves a long-white pair opposite. Oval or heart shaped like the end of a long-tailed leaf is pointed. The leaf margins are smooth and concave stem leaves 4-15 cm long, 6-20 cm wide leaves some meat on the middle stem leaf hairs as a concentration. Petiole 4-12 cm long slender and small white flowers are larger. If the door wide to the full flowering of 3-4 cm from the skin between the leaves. One bouquet of flowers with petals about 2-10 thick stem flower petals end welded together to form the bell is 15 cm long sheath
Part used: root
Property: the root is cooked Eye drops redeye eyes watery eyes, blurred
The toxic They contain a seed Lai Ko Sai Grand. Toxic to the heart of pop.
Raphistemma pulchellum (Roxb.) Wall. (ASCLEPIADACEAE).



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